Vendor Registration

How to Register as a Vendor and Purchase Booths and Sponsorships Online


First, you must register your company name and contact information.  (2010 Vendors, please re-register.) You will be able to choose a username and password for login.  Once you have completed the registration process, you will be able to view the Vendor Home page and begin the process of reserving booths and sponsorships.

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From the Vendor Home page, you will have the option to order booths and sponsorships.  Booth assignment is First Come First Served by payment.  If you choose to complete your payment online, your first-choice booth or sponsorship will be assigned to you immediately (as long as it is available at the time you place your order).  If you choose to pay later by check, you will be contacted upon receipt of your check to confirm the booth assigned to you (based on your ranked choices).

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Step 3:  VENDOR ATTENDEE REGISTRATION (for staffing booths)

Each booth comes with two (2) vendor attendee registrations.  If you have purchased booth space at the convention, you will receive a confirmation email with your booth reservation and an eight-character Vendor Code (example: “4Rd5up7″).  Provide this code to the 2 vendor attendees per booth that will be attending the convention to staff your booth, so that they can register themselves separately as convention attendees.   Applying the Vendor Code will deduct the cost of the basic convention attendee package from the final registration total.  Please note that Attendee Registration is separate from Vendor Registration and is completed under the “Register” menu of the main website.

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What if I need to change the people who will be attending the convention to work at my booth?

First, login, go to Vendor Home and scroll down to “Manage Attendees.” Cancel the registration for the attendee who is no longer staffing the booth.  This will credit your account so that a replacement attendee staffing the booth can sign up using your Vendor Code.

Next, have the new attendee sign up for the convention using your Vendor Code.   Applying the Vendor Code will deduct the cost of the basic attendee package from the final registration total.

Note: If the person who is no longer staffing the booth will still be attending the convention, they must re-register and pay one of the selected registration fees  (Reg packet 1, Reg packet 2, Vendor packet, etc.) since their previous discounted registration was canceled.  If the person whose registration was canceled had any previous credit card charges (for extra meals or events), they will be reimbursed, after the convention, upon receipt of a copy of the registration form that was originally canceled by the Convention Vendor Chair  (Note: the exhibitor package fee will not be reimbursed since it was never originally charged).  There is also a 5% cancelation fee that will be deducted from any owed reimbursement.

How do I find my Vendor Code if I misplaced my confirmation email?

You can view your order details and your Vendor Code by clicking on the View My Orders button from the Vendor Home Page.  You must be logged in to view your past orders.

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